Thoughts of destination weddings tempt just about every couple at one time or another. It’s a lot to consider, of course. A destination wedding usually means a few pricey decisions, and often a smaller list of invites. In these ways, it can be fairly restrictive. At the same time however, it gives you, your family, and your closest friends an incredibly memorable way to celebrate what ought to be one of the biggest days in your life. Plus, it can be a nice excuse to see a part of the world you might not otherwise consider visiting! 

There are plenty of popular wedding destinations around the world: Hawaii, the Caribbean, Paris, New Zealand…. But here, looking at a combination of trendy vacation spots and specific resorts, we’ll point out a few places you may not have considered before. 

The Lake District, Cumbria, England 

If you’ve ever spent much time looking into tourism in England, you’re probably aware of this region’s beauty. If not, go ahead and look into it. The Lake District is a sprawling, stunning natural park that at once blends our ideal imagination of the British countryside with the stuff of fantasy tales. Frommer’s look ahead to 2018 listed it as one of the best places to go, noting that it has only recently been put squarely on the international radar for travelers. Traditional wedding venues will be few and far between in the area, but if you’re able to set up a ceremony outdoors or at an old farmhouse you’ll be in store for a wondrous experience. 
Outer Banks, North Carolina, United States 

If you’re reading from the U.S., this may or may not be a particularly remote destination for you. However, it’s worth mentioning as a more affordable alternative to the Caribbean or Hawaii, that in many ways is just as nice. The Outer Banks are not quite as picturesque as the best tropical islands, but they’re certainly beautiful, and they include some of the most highly recommended beaches in the United States (most notably Ocracoke Island). The move at the Outer Banks is to simply rent a vacation home or two on the beach and organize a ceremony and reception there. It’s a lot of work, but it’s an intimate and spectacular way to get married. 


Macau, China

You’re surely aware that Las Vegas is always up there with the most commonly recommended places for a destination wedding. For some it’s a little over the top (or just not the right style), but the reality is that it can make for a fun, festive and luxurious occasion. Well, if you want that kind of atmosphere but Vegas seems somewhat tired, this is a fun alternative. Macau has caught up as the Vegas of the East, attracting tens of millions of visitors every year with similar venues and resorts to those in Vegas. As it happens, the Sands Macau resort – one of the most impressive casino resorts anywhere in the world – has specifically been highlighted as an excellent venue for a wedding abroad. 

Florence, Italy

Florence is actually the most traditional option on this list, and has a good reputation as a wedding getaway. It’s home to some stunning venues at historic sites and with sensational views – not to mention it’s a city that’s quite high on a lot of people’s bucket lists anyway! But we’re including it here because despite its reputation, it has to compete with some of its fellow Italian cities for attention. For instance, Rome is viewed by most as a very romantic city, and Venice as a uniquely beautiful place. But of the three, Florence may actually be your best bet for a dreamlike Italian wedding. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania 

Africa simply doesn’t come up often enough when we think of exotic destination weddings. Many people have the wrong idea of Africa, in that they don’t recognize how many gorgeous parks and rural areas there are. Zanzibar in particular is a place that might shock a lot of people. It’s an archipelago in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, and it’s about as beautiful as any beachside getaway on the planet. The resort of Kilindi Zanzibar, in particular, is a spectacular place to stay for a wedding.