Why a Groom-To-Be Should Have a Stag Do

Ball and chain jokes aside, there are some excellent reasons why every groom to be should have a stag do before tying the knot – and none of them include your married mates pleading with you for an excuse to leave the house. The stag dos of today are somewhat different from those not all so long ago, and there are some excellent reasons why it’s actually advisable to go all out and enjoy – what has become for many stag dos – not only a crazy night but a full-blown overseas holiday for a groom to be and his closest mates. Those who care about you won’t miss it and those who aren’t so bothered have an excuse for not coming along. If you’re to hold your stag do overseas, as has become the norm to a great extent, there’s going to be some spending involved. Seeing that your closest mates wouldn’t miss your stag do for the world – admittedly so will those looking for an excuse to party – you’ll find out who your real mates are. You’ll have the chance to see something of the world by taking an overseas holiday. Admittedly you mightn’t get to see all the ‘cultural’ bits and pieces of cities like Amsterdam, Prague or Riga – three of the top destinations for stag do revellers in Europe, but you will however, have a great time partying in wonderful places around the world. Furthermore, at a later point in time you may even wish to take your beautiful bride on holiday there to show her what you saw– if you dare. You’ll have the chance to try something new. Stag dos offer everyone, and not only the groom to be, the opportunity to try something new, something wild perhaps, and certainly something fun. If it wasn’t for stag dos, it’s unlikely so many would have ever discovered the fun and thrills of activities like go-karting and paintballing, along with what is no doubt every stag do reveller’s favourite – mud wrestling. You’ll actually be able to arrive sober at your wedding. If there ever was a line to hit your lovely bride to be with as an excuse for heading to Riga with your mates – this is it. Seeing that the stag do became a stag weekend – and in some cases a ‘stag week’ – there has been much less emphasis placed on going out for a wild night the night before the wedding. Nowadays it’s far more common for a stag party to be held a week, or even a fortnight, before the wedding with the result that the night before has become much tamer. Furthermore, it has also significantly reduced the likelihood of the groom to be turning up to his wedding drunk and dishevelled. You’ll have the opportunity to do something memorable with your closest mates. This is another excellent reason for holding stag dos overseas or in other parts of the country, though it’s one that takes some thought, planning and of course timing –something exciting has to be going on. In addition to stag dos overseas to the party capitals of Europe and beyond, another popular

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way to celebrate your forthcoming marriage – and the end of your freedom – is to head to an event of some description, like a music festival or sports event. You’ve plenty of great opportunities to take advantage of here, such as music festivals like Lollapalooza or the Fuji Rock Festival, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil or one of the many Formula One events held around the world. Just think of how much fun you and your mates could have. About the Author: Royal Stag Weekends has a team of event managers who specialise in planning a stag party suitable for any preference or budget. Clients can take their pick from nightlife to action sports as activities for their weekend.