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Authentic Cyprus – a bag of oranges

Definition of Authentic: of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine –

Experiencing the authenticity of  country and its people  i believe could be the most important part of each persons holidays or visit.

Today 2 of our guesthouse residents experienced something as they described it very unique and unexpected, they returned back from their long trip to the Akamas peninsula holding with great joy a bag of fresh oranges! With a big smile they gave them to me saying ” You are very lucky to live in a country like this, you have everything, lovely people, great weather”  

On the way to Polis very often you can find little kiosks selling fresh oranges for 2 euro per bag, this is where they stopped finding it hard to believe that  they could get a full bag with just 2 euro! The owner asked them if they wanted something to drink so they ordered  fresh juice, suddenly one of the local guests at this kiosk placed some money on the table making it clear that the  drinks where his treat!    ” This is something we do not experience in Belgium, and i am very sorry we have no way to return back this hospitality if you visit us” Virginie said….

Really this made me very proud and happy,(perhaps this is the payback 🙂 ) real and authentic hospitality still exists even found at the last and lost kiosk selling oranges, this is what makes Cyprus always a favorite holiday destination, not just the beach and the sun but  real people and true moments of sharing and appreciating.

The treat of this man will travel to Belgium.

Thank you to Virginie for sharing her true story with us!