Vasilias Nikoklis Inn

Cycling routes

If you are interested for  cycling in Cyprus then Vasilias Nikoklis and the surround area is an ideal place.

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We have recently created a route starting from our guest house. Special thanks to our guest Nikki K. for the text and photos.

Wine route
Beginning from Vasilias Nikoklis Traditional Hotel, the asphalt route immediately has a steady uphill gradient. At the left turn towards Trachypedoulas, the road rises steeply at a steady 8-9% grade for the next two kilometers nearly until Trachypedoulas. The quaint village is a good spot for a short rest and to get empty bottles refilled with water if necessary. On the other side of this tiny village, at the junction for Troodos/Kelokedares, take the road down towards Kelokedares until the T-junction. At this junction, turn left to go towards Stavrokonnou.  This downhill segment is exhilaratingly steep and winding! After turning towards Stavrokonnou, the road continues through both that village and, thereafter, through Choletria, both being traditional Cyprus villages. The route provides an excellent view of the Diarizou Reservior, Pafos, the surrounding mountains and the sea. After Choletria, take the left turn towards Mamonia and the road will guide you past Nikokleia village (without actually entering it) and finally bring you right up to your starting point of Vasilias Nikoklis Traditional Hotel.

This route is entirely asphalt and suitable for typically road bikes as well as mountain bikes. We rate is at  4/6 for difficulty because of the uphill segments. The first half of the route is on a secondary highway which also leads towards Troodos and some, but not much, automobile traffic can be expected. There is less traffic on the second segment as this is a tertiary highway. Total distance approximately 36 km.