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What else you can do in Cyprus besides tourism?

No matter the kind of activities you would like to find or the type of location (or vacation) you fancy the most when traveling abroad, there are certainly more than enough options to choose from during your visit to Cyprus. From energetic, pumping retreats to hillside resorts nicely tucked amidst bewildering natural surroundings, tranquil settings perched in secluded coves, and cosmopolitan hotspots in close proximity to the buzzing city life and the vibrant night scene, along with leisure attractions to satisfy all your requirements, there is certainly something for every taste.


Cyprus: An Ideal Place for Tourism

The high-spirited, much-loved coastal city of Limassol is not only famous for its exquisite mix of fine dining and seaside, luxurious hotels, but also the plethora of tourist attractions, places of historical significance (see the Kolossi Castle and the Greco-Roman Kourion Theatre) and wineries.

Paphos, on the other hand, exudes culture and history. While strolling the cobbled-stoned streets of the Old Town of Paphos you get a sense that time has stopped. No wonder the place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People visiting the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, admit it is one of the most breathtaking (and romantic) sightseeing spots in the entire Mediterranean. As for the picture-perfect valley of Diarizos, the peace-inducing scenery and untouched greenery dotted with eye-caressing vineyards can make even the most demanding traveler find a heart-fulfilling spot to recharge their batteries.


For a more modern version of your vacation adventure, head towards New Paphos. If you seek a secluded getaway with panoramic views and quiet beaches to hide away from the crowds, the little mountain village of Pissouri is ideal.


Things You Can Also Do

The amazing thing about Cyprus is that it is a fabulous year-round tourist destination and offers interesting things to do even in February, when you can enjoy sightseeing the Tombs of the Kings without the busy crowds and the sizzling sun over your head. You may also visit Paphos Mosaics (don’t forget the Houses of Theseaus, Dionysos, and Aion right next to the harbor) and Paphos’ medieval fort, as well as the ancient city of Kourion at Limassol, Agios Lazaros Church (Larnaca’s patron saint church) and some of the many wineries offering palate-pleasing tastes from local vineyards. There are also lots of options available to explore virgin lands through the many natural trails and, why not, even swim or learn how to dive! The temperatures are usually well over 18oC in wintertime.


Excellent Training Opportunities for Edutourism Seekers

There is a growing number of people that demand traveling for their vacation to be a far more rewarding experience. For those that wish to combine the benefits of visiting other places or countries (i.e. meeting new people, learning about new cultures, exploring famous sites, enjoying your free time with leisure activities, etc) with a pursuit for career growth, training in Cyprus is, again, a go-to location; rightfully so.


Be it for the enchanting scenery and serene, natural surroundings, hospitable, friendly locals, chance to find exactly what you are looking for when on vacation, or the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get some proper training and return home with an asset under your belt that will help boost your career, Cyprus is simply amazing.