Vasilias Nikoklis Inn

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Hotel closest to Paphos airport

Flying to a foreign country for any reason, your main concern is how to get around and have easy access to hotel, car hire company, sightseeing, services,  or even wedding venues in Paphos etc. Flying during the night makes it even more difficult to get around and more difficult if you are flying from a European country that the driving system is the opposite from Cyprus. ( We drive on the left side of the road same like Uk).  Very fortunate for its location  this is the hotel closest to Paphos airport. Located in the country side of Paphos just 7 minutes drive away is a life saver especially if you are arriving very late and want an easy access hotel close to you.  Please have in mind that the hotel is owned by a family so it would be helpful if you made arrangements with them before your arrival so they would wait for you.  Access to Vasilias Nikoklis is easy you can either rent a car pick it up from the airport and drive directly to Nikoklia where this hotel is located, or you can book a lift with the taxi.

Visiting Cyprus with a sight seeing attitude? Not just relaxing under the sun then again this Paphos hotel  is located in an ideal spot, right in the middle of almost every interesting part of Cyprus. Located 30 minutes drive from Limassol – easy access to the high way, Located 15 minutes drive from Paphos again easy access to A6 or B6, located 40 minutes drive from Platres mountain region, hotel located exactly on the main route to Troodos mountains. Located 1.30 drive from Nicosia the capital of Cyprus.  Everything is not that far to reach this makes it even easier for a short trip in Cyprus.

Visiting Cyprus not just for holidays but for a special event? Many couples choose this wedding venue in Paphos  because of its unique beauty and environment and its central location  but also because the venue is the closest to Paphos airport, makes it easy for guests  coming from other cities to drive and attend the wedding with an ease of access and very helpful for guests flying to Paphos for just 2 or 3 nights, they come attend the wedding, relax by the pool enjoy the country style environment and off they fly back to their every day lives.

Easy to find easy to enjoy, contact the hotel for further information!