Getting married is one of the most exciting life experiences that a couple can share together. Planning your dream wedding, however, can easily turn from excitement to stressful anxiety if you are marrying abroad. For some brides, not being able to “pop round” to the wedding coordinator to have the answers to all those nagging questions, can be enough to bring on an emotional meltdown.

The phrase “fail to plan and you plan to fail” couldn’t ring any truer than it does for planning your perfect wedding day. Apart from all of the obvious things that need taking care of there is the vitally important matter of ensuring that all of your legal paperwork is in order too. The last thing that you want to occupy your time in the run-up to your big day is worry or stress, and that is where the services of an experienced Cyprus wedding planner and our state-of-the-art Vplanner come into the picture.

Organising your paperwork

Before you even arrive at the destination of your dream wedding, you will need to ensure that your all-important documentation is in order. Working with a purpose-built system and a knowledgeable team of wedding organisers is the best way to make this process smooth and hassle-free.

The wedding organisation experts here at Vasilias Weddings can guide couples through every aspect of the legal requirements for marriage in Cyprus and also accompany them to the pre-marriage registry office meetings.

Our ground-breaking Vplanner platform provides online forms and the comprehensive database is loaded with the invaluable information that you need to marry in Cyprus.Our system is designed to make every aspect of your wedding preparations and the big day itself turn out the way you have always dreamed it should.

Setting your budget and making your “hit” list

The great news for couples that are considering marrying in Cyprus is that weddings on the sun-drenched island paradise work out well under the budget of similar functions and ceremonies in the UK. Once you have ensured that you have both ticked all of your paperwork boxes and set the necessary wheels in motion you can concentrate on the more pleasant details of your big day.

Your budget and “hit” list of the things you desire most for the day actually go hand in hand because they are of course linked. At Vasilias Weddings, we appreciate how confusing and time consuming it is for couples who have different interested parties taking care of the different aspects of their wedding. In fact, we have some exciting news about how we can assist anyone planning to marry in Cyprus this year.

The benefits of marrying in Cyprus at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn 

One thing that you won’t need to worry about spoiling your big day in Cyprus is the weather and that is why the island is the perfect venue for outdoor weddings. Working with a team that is able to provide everything from your bridal suite and guest accommodation to the all-important venue is only the beginning of the story.

When you organise and plan for your wedding in Cyprus you also gain the benefits of shorter venue booking times, a unique wedding experience, and above all, the opportunity to break with tradition by organising your wedding the way that you want it.

Making use of our brand new wedding planning services that use up-to-date technology

If you have been dreaming of a system that provides everything that you need for your Cyprus wedding all in one easy to access place, you can wake up right now because here at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – Weddings in Cyprus we have made it a reality. Our brand new Vplanner uses the latest online technology to bring together a full range of wedding planning and organizing services.

Brides and grooms who use the Vplanner platform can select and cost each facet of their wedding from accommodation to flowers, photography, and virtually every other wedding service. Using a shopping basket type system, Vplanner also provides our users with a running total as they add or remove items.

The benefits of Vplanner

Once couples have registered and logged onto the Vplanner platform they have full control over organising, administrating, and budgeting for their orders. The Vasilias wedding team has taken their wealth of experience in organising Cyprus weddings and applied it to Vplanner so that couples can access every aspect of their wedding organisation in one easy to use system.

24-hour accessibility

The systems 24-hour availability means that couples don’t have to wait until their wedding organiser’s office is open to check their list, make alterations, or review their wedding budget.  Vplanner includes everything that a couple needs to make their day one to remember for all the right reasons.

Building your list with Vplanner

Building your Cyprus wedding order couldn’t be simpler with Vplanner’s friendly and easy to navigate platform. From those crucial timings and ceremony administration details to everything related to the reception and control of your budget, Vplanner ensures that you are always in control. By having the ability to view and review such details as table plans, drinks, meals, and even the finishing touches at the touch of your device screen, you always have the important details you need at your fingertips. 

The human touch

Our highly professional and caring team has worked hard to bring the benefits of Vplanner to couples seeking a romantic and intimate wedding in Cyprus.

We appreciate, however, that technology cannot replace the personal touch that we have built our outstanding wedding industry reputation upon. That is why we continue to take every care and consideration when assisting you in planning for your big day. The bottom line is that we really care about making your Cyprus wedding special and that is why we created the Vplanner platform.

The professional team at Vasilias Weddings  can always be contacted via our website, and we make every possible effort to ensure that your perfect wedding day fulfils all of your dreams and desires.