Reception and Dinner areas

Refreshing cocktails and Delicious food

Reception Drinks at Vasilias

Reception and dinner areas at Vasilias Nikoklis , are some beautiful locations carefully maintained and set according to each couples needs and requests. Your guests will enjoy freshly made cocktails and canapes under the shade of a traditional Cyprus pergola.

Reception drinks, cocktail hour, garden games – Let the good times continue

Having an after-ceremony reception isn’t just a fantastic way to stretch out your main wedding day a little longer – it’s a chance to impress and re-acquaint guests with some surprising and exciting details, as well as delectable personal touches. And we have just the thing to help you get the party started, or rather, restart the party!

Imagine having access to your own private courtyard, nestled deep in a lush green area, full of eye-popping grass, multiple varieties of flowers and trees that want to hug you from every direction – no matter what time of the year it is, you and your guests will always be comfortable, particularly in the warm summer months.

There’s ample benches and chairs to help everyone relax and kick back as we serve tantalizing cocktails, fruit platters, mouth-watering canapés, buckets of beer, Mojito Pimm’s Gin fizz Brandy sour served in unique and rustic jars of our select cocktails and even a traditional lemonade bar.

If you think about it, it offers the perfect opportunity for guests to appreciate the special day even more and congratulate the newly married couple, in case they didn’t get a chance to relay their congratulations during the main wedding reception. When checking in, your guests will simply need to check on the table plan to find their seating and everyone’s golden! Card box for wishes can also be hired and placed around those areas to make your guests feel extra welcome.

Oh, but there’s more as we’re just getting started – gaining vast popularity among couples who love having a post-reception cocktail hour is a wedding ice cream cart hire with many rejuvenating flavors to choose from. As part of your post-wedding reception drinks hour, we can also arrange for garden games, set next to the reception area where there’s lot of space and a cool breeze flowing around the venue – ah, the perfect atmosphere for everyone to let their hair down and get silly for a while! To find out about costs and hire for an ice cream cart and games please visit our wedding suppliers page here

To round things off nicely, we’ll have your favorite background music play on a high-end sound system or even hire live musicians to cater to you and your guests’ choice of music.

Suffice it to say, we have you covered during cocktail hour with plenty of garden games, awe-inspiring reception drinks, a dedicated ice cream cart and more. You’ll be in the company of your loved ones, beautiful trees to provide a cool shade and exotic breeds of flowers, all dancing around in unison to mark the special occasion!

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Romantic and Private terrace

Dinner and Table set up at Vasilias

Looking for a traditional Cyprus food menu for christening or wedding dinner to mark the special occasions? Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is your specialist for weddings and events in Cyprus. Whether extravagance or romance suits your taste, or you prefer something which is delightfully unorthodox but comfortably spacious, the variety we offer on our wedding Vasilias dinner menu is bound to impress your guests. Enjoy traditional cooking and fine wine for your wedding along with grand table arrangements, unlike any other Cyrus food wedding experience.

Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is your doorway to a unique wedding dinner experience

When it comes to christening or wedding dinners, including a Mamma Mia-style wedding, our specialty in weddings and events in Cyprus puts you in the centre of a beautiful traditional terrace, complete with wooden beams and stone floor, where you’re surrounded by lots of lush greenery and Mediterranean  flowers. Our wedding decorators will bathe the venue in adorable fairy lights, along with custom handmade wooden tables in rustic style or decorated with white crisp linen, should you choose.

For christenings or wedding dinners, we offer the below popular settings, depending on your number of guests and decor arrangements. For a personalized table design and plan try the ideas of our trusted supplier Make it with Meraki 

T-shape rectangular tables

The T-shape arrangement is beyond ideal for groups of up to 45 guests – a long table with an accompanying sweetheart table for newlyweds. Enjoy the feeling of a traditional wedding feast with all your lovely guests gathered around the long table. The arrangement includes in-house dressing stock, available to hire  beautiful chair drapes,  hundreds of tea lights and a broad range of centerpieces to choose from.

Grand plan rectangular tables

The Grand Plan arrangement is perfect for significantly larger wedding caravans, providing more space, where we have a dedicated terrace available to accommodate everyone.  Tables can be set in main terrace, carob tree area and pool area. Rustic handmade tables accompany the setting or you can have them dressed with white crisp linen, according to taste.

We’ll set up the head table right in the middle of the terrace so that each side is flocked by family and friends, no one feels left out!

Breathtaking flower centrepieces populate each table by our in-house florist and dedicated suppliers. To mark the occasion, the ever popular falling wisteria flowers will fill the air with rustic charm and romance. Traditional cooking and fine wine for your wedding come standard – with fresh local produce only and the finest selection of wines, when it comes to traditional Cyprus food. Everything is prepared on premises, so you’ll even get to witness the magic unfold!


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