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Beautiful backdrop & Private setting

Garden weddings in Cyprus

Have you ever stopped to think how a magical wedding ceremony in Cyprus is? The alluring sea views, magnificent warm weather practically all year round and the impossible-to-resist energy of Aphrodite’s island – all make civil weddings, religious weddings or garden weddings in Cyprus an unforgettable way to say your “I dos”.

If you’re especially looking to experience garden wedding ceremony in Cyprus, then we have you covered at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – a traditional Cypriot holiday and wedding stay venue. Hundreds to thousands of couples from not just Cyprus but from all around the world have flooded into these rustic surroundings which boast unbelievable mountain backdrops and lush greenery accompanied by exotic wildlife. Thanks to the beautiful Olive groves, we even grow our own produce and serve a variety of mouth-watering dished made using fresh ingredients only.

While weddings in Cyprus are famous the world over, have you ever wondered what it might be like to enjoy one on a lush green garden with thick grass, trees and foliage, rustic chairs, benches and a beautiful arch, all provided as part of ‘the package’? We’ll help you pull off your own garden wedding in Cyprus like never before, with seating for up to 150 guests where they can enjoy the splendour of the impossibly beautiful landscape.

The Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – Weddings in Cyprus  is an exclusive venue for religious weddings and civil weddings as well as a wide variety of weddings in Cyprus, where you and your guests will be in sheer awe after taking in the lovely Mediterranean Sea views. It’s the perfect location for a private wedding in a rustic setting, with plenty of accommodation and great food to go around!

The Inn has been open to locals and tourists since 1983 – a family-owned business where we’re proud to have helped many couples make fascinating memories when saying their nuptials. As a premium-level inn located in the heart of Cyprus, we can help you get familiar in an unknown yet exotic land full of surprises, in addition to making the wedding planning process really simple, friendly and straightforward.

Have all your guests stay at our inn where our friendly and courteous staff will make every moment count – something you and your family can look back on many years later. With more than 30 years’ experience as hosts for weddings in Cyprus, our team will take care of all your wedding planning needs, and have everything ready in place when that special moment arrives.

Why go through the hassle of searching for wedding venues along with the seemingly never-ending arrangements, when everything is all set up for you here against a heart-warming backdrop and a beautiful arch to begin the next chapter of your life?

Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is how couples enjoy traditional garden weddings in Cyprus. Check out our gallery below to see how we’ve made a variety of religious weddings, civil weddings and everything in between, memorable for couples who flew in just to say their “I dos”.

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Exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus

Small and Intimate wedding ceremony in Cyprus

What would it be like to have you own private wedding location in beautiful Cyprus, perhaps even a Mamma Mia wedding theme? It’s all possible! We are your gateway to capturing the magic of the Mediterranean with an exclusive venue in Cyprus – just like the hit film.

Picture a traditional courtyard, all set up and ready to accommodate 50 guests and a completely private, idyllic and secluded setting covered in vine tree – as the bride enters through a beautiful and magical-looking arch. Won’t that be something? And the best part is, everything is already in place: the rustic tables and chairs, benches, accommodation for your guests and loved ones, great food served using fresh, local produce only – the life!

When it comes to having a wedding in Cyprus, many couples tend to do for an authentic Cypriot venue – that’s exactly what we offer at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – a quaint and rustic inn featuring a very intimate and private setting. From start to finish, our professional, courteous and friendly staff will offer a personalised touch – from the Mamma Mia wedding theme to anything else you want to add, including flowers of your choice.

And it doesn’t stop here – the menu is something couples have praised time and time again, with beautifully decorated tables and chairs, which not only pay homage to a Mamma Mia-style wedding but also showcases that warm hospitality Cyprus is known for.

Once everyone has rejoiced and eaten to their heart’s content, they can stay in any one of the lovely 8 bedrooms in our inn, full of warm and rustic character, complete with a dedicated bridal suite that would make movie producers green with envy. Vasilias Nikoklis is “the” exclusive venue to book in Cyprus, a private wedding location unlike any other.

Get a taste of the beautiful Vasilias grounds, along with a private vine-covered courtyard – for those small and intimate weddings in Cyprus, it just doesn’t get better than this. We’re quite looking forward to having you and your guests over, where everyone can enjoy those special moments under the vine-bathed pergola, dancing the night away carelessly under a sky full of bright, smiling stars.

Book now and in the meantime, enjoy the many smiles and bright moments we’ve helped couples treasure over the years.

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